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Cable Management

Nowadays, businesses require their workspaces to be highly flexible. They must be designed for individual offices as well as open plan offices or desk sharing. Legrand offers electrical and digital architectures that make it easy to reconfigure offices and adapt them to meet a company’s new organizational requirements. Product brands under this segment consist of Soluflex floor system and Cablofil wire mesh cable trays. They offer a series of key advantages such as time saved during installation, flexibility in use, and instant reconfigurability. From trunkings, columns, mini columns to floor boxes, pop-up boxes, they all offer a complete solution for current circulation from floor to ceiling, and also enable a seamless fit with the wiring devices such as Arteor or Myrius to offer innovative new functionalities.

Floor Solution

Floor Boxes and Mini Columns

These are flexible solutions for routing mains voltage and extra low voltage as close as possible to the users. Floor boxes can be quickly integrated into concrete and raised access floors. They are available ready-equipped or empty for custom configuration.

Raceways – Metal & PVC

Quick and safe to install, these solutions are designed to optimize cost effectiveness. All the systems have minimal parts to facilitate rapid push and fit assembly. They are used for distributing low voltage and extra low voltage cables in screed floor installations.

Junction Boxes

Height adjustable junction boxes allow easy access when installing cables and for extensions. They ensure data security and performance that facilitate the addition and connection of new digital equipment, which helps reduce operating costs.


It is a raised access floor with innovative tool-free and accessory-free mounting principle. It has metal tiles that are to be installed on polypropylene supports. Safe and easy to install, Soluflex can be reconfigured at any given point of time.

Desk Solution

Pop-up Boxes

Sleek new ergonomically designed pop-up boxes provide real ease of use and rapid connection solutions for mobile applications such as PCs, mobile phones, audio and video systems. Available in 4 elegant finishes of Aluminum, Bronze, Stainless Steel, black or white.

Power & Data Desk Grommet (DHM)

An ingenious ergonomically designed system that can be used to provide power, connect to the data network or recharge a mobile phone. With one power, RJ45 and USB sockets to meet the connection needs of mobile users quickly and easily, it makes for a clever cable management system.

Cable Worm

A neat and attractive solution for managing cables from floor to desk

Wall Solution

Snap On Trunking System

Available in 5 sizes for routing cables and installing wiring accessories in work areas, it supports any function from the Arteor range by simply clipping directly onto the trunking.

Snap On Mini Column

They are used to distribute power and data through the false ceiling for supplying 1 to 4 workstations. The aluminium bodied ceiling column is divided into 1 or 2 compartments to provide optimal separation between power and data.

DLP Wall Trunking System

For distributing current as close as possible to the workstation, DLP-UPVC & Aluminum trunking ensure total separation of currents even where electromagnetic disturbance is present.

Overhead Solution

Cablofil wire mesh cable trays

Cablofil wire mesh cable trays that safely carry copper and fibre optic cables are the most tested and certified cable trays. They are also the most specified cable trays in the world, fast, flexible and very easy to install.