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Our product line includes the BUSSMAN BY EATON range of Medium Voltage Fuse Links.

Medium Voltage Fuse Links

DIN Medium Voltage Fuse Links

Fuse links comply with DIN dimensional standard DIN 43625
‘F’ Range, high performance full range fuse links.
‘T’ Range, high performance back-up fuse links, with
striker tripping.
‘A’ Range, including high current rating back-up fuse link/
Comply with IEC 60282-1 and VDE 0670 part 4.
Wide variety of ratings, 3.6kV to 36kV.
‘T’ Range is suitable for outdoor use.


The Cooper Bussmann ‘T’ range medium voltage current-limiting fuse links to dimensional standard DIN 43625, are one of the most advanced design of medium voltage fuse links available anywhere in the world today. Developed by Cooper Bussmann, they comply with the very latest requirements of IEC 60282-1, are lead and cadmium free (meeting the RoHS and WEE directives) and have been designed to meet current and future global electrical utility specifications.


The ‘F’ range fuse links have ‘full range’ clearing capability. Cooper Bussmann ‘F’ fuse links types are designed to clear low overloads right down to the fuse links’ rated current in accordance with latest IEC 60282-1 requirements. They are thus suitable for use as a sole form of protection. ‘F’ range time-current characteristics are especially advantageous for transformer protection applications.


This earlier, well proven, design has values of minimum breaking current between the ‘T’ and ‘F’ range including higher current ratings.

Application :

MV DIN fuse links are suitable for primary side transformer protection, fuse switch combination unit, fuse bases and fuse switches.

Medium Voltage Motor Fuse Links

Motor Fuse Links comply with IEC 60282-1, IEC 644 and BS 5907.
Available in DIN 43625 and BS 2692 dimensions.
Sold in a wide range of ratings from :
3.6kV - 5 to 450A,
7.2kV - 5 to 355A.
North American dimensioned products also available, 2R to 24R ratings.

Cooper Bussmann range of motor fuse links are designed to meet the specific requirements necessary for motor protection. During the starting cycle of direct on-line motors, the fuse elements will reach a considerably higher temperature than during normal operation; this is due to the high amount of current the motor will draw as it starts, typically, 6 times its normal load current value. This results in expansion and contraction of the fuse elements and could cause premature operation of the fuse link. Cooper Bussmann motor fuse links encompass an advanced design to minimise this effect. This therefore, negates the need to over specify the fuse rating due to high values of motor starting current.

Cooper Bussmann fuse links operate extremely quickly under heavy fault currents, resulting from the time-current characteristic. Low power dissipation ensures low temperature rise, important in multi-tier starters for example. Switching (Arc) voltages are lower than permitted values, therefore, 5.5kV fuse links are also suitable for 4.8kV and 2.4kV circuits.

Application :

Fuse links provide short-circuit protection in motor circuits to both the motor starter and cables from the starter to the motor. Overload protection is provided by the motor starter, generally by an overload relay and contactor. Combination striker tripping may also form part of the associated equipment which houses the fuse links and motor starters.

Auxiliary Transformer Fuse Links

British Standard Voltage and Auxiliary Transformer (VT) fuse links.
A range of voltage transformer primary fuse links to BS 2692-1 and IEC 60282-1.
Wide range of ratings from 1kV to 36kV.
3.15 Amp industry standard current ratings.
CAV range with ratings from 3.6kV to 38kV.

Cooper Bussmann manufactures a wide range of voltage transformer (VT) fuse links. In North America they are referred to as Potential Transformer fuse links. These fuse links are designed for use in the primary side of voltage transformers to provide system isolation in the event of faults occuring in the transformer circuit.

Voltage transformer fuse links have a preferred current rating of 3.15A. Experience has shown that there is a risk of spurious operation by transient overcurrents where lower current ratings are used. In addition, in order to minimise the risk of deterioration of the fine fuse elements caused by corona, it is desirable to mount the fuse links so that the earthed metal is not in the immediate vicinity of the part of the barrel between the ferrules.

Higher current and ‘E’ ratings are available for special applications, including auxiliary transformers.

Application :

Small rated fuse links for protection of voltage and auxiliary transformers. Back-up protection up to 3.15A and voltages from 1.1kV to 36kV.

Medium Voltage Oil Fuse Links

Fuse Links comply with IEC 60282-1, BS 2692-1 and ESI standard 12-8.
7.2 and 12kV Fuse links tested at highest system voltage and approved by the UK Electricity Association approvals panel.
Voltage ranges from 3.6 to 24kV.
Fitted with powerful pyrotechnic striker pin.

Cooper Bussmann range of oil tight fuse links are designed for use in oil filled switchgear. This type was pioneered in the UK. Cooper Bussmann range has been in continuous manufacture for almost 40 years, being by far the most widely used device of its kind in the world. Over 1,000,000 Cooper Bussmann branded fuse links have been put into service without a single reported case of oil ingress. A unique triple seal system ensures against long term seal deterioration. Low power dissipation ensures long running in oil filled switchgear.

Application :

Oil medium voltage fuse links are suitable for primary side transformer protection and oil filled switch combination unit. The range is not suitable for use inside oil filled transformer tanks where high oil temperatures may be expected.

Medium Voltage British Standard Air Fuse Links

Medium Voltage fuse links for use in Air, comply with BS 2962-1 dimensions.
Available in voltage from 3.6kV to 72.5kV.
Full range performance option available at 12kV and 24kV.
Wide variety of fixing arrangements available.
Powerful pyrotechnic striker fitted.
E-rated North American dimension products also available.
Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

The Cooper Bussmann range of fuse links for use in air are available in British Standard form, BS 2692, Part 1 1975. A number of options are available, including full range capability, and alternative fixing arrangements such as different types of tags, studs and collars etc. Details are available on application. Higher current ratings can be obtained by using fuse links in parallel and special fixing arrangements are available for this purpose.


A comprehensive range of ‘E’ rated North American Dimension fuse links for industrial applications is also available. These are the latest technology full range fuse links in USA Industrial Standard 2 inch and 3 inch diameter ferrule style. Extended ratings in double barrel assemblies; striker, indicator and tag versions are also available.

Application :

Air fuse links are suitable for primary side transformer protection, fuse switch combination unit, fuse bases and fuse switches.

US Style E-Rated Medium Voltage Fuse Links

E-Rated DIN Fuse Links.
E-Rated Fuse Links for Transformers and Feeder Protection.
E-Rated Fuse Links for Potential and Small Power Transformers.
CL-14 and Bolt-In.
R-Rated Fuse Links for Motor Circuit Protection.

E-Rated medium voltage fuse links are commonly used in electrical systems to protect medium voltage equipment from over currents. These fuses are designed to interrupt fault currents and prevent damage to the equipment they are installed in.

Application :

It’s important to consult with qualified electrical engineers and adhere to local electrical codes and regulations when selecting and installing E-rated medium voltage fuse links to ensure proper protection and system performance.

Medium Voltage Fuse Clips

VT Fuse Clips for 25.4mm diameter.
DIN standard Clips for ‘F’ and ‘T’ range fuse links.
BS Mounting Clips suitable for 50.8mm and 76.2mm Oil, Air, and Motor Fuse Links up to 200A.


To complement the range of tag fixings offered by Cooper Bussmann, a range of fuse clips are available. These are suitable for use with British Standard, DIN dimensioned and VT ferrule style fuse links. The BS and DIN clips are rated up to 200 Amps. They are designed to be fitted onto insulated studs or directly onto a busbar.

Application :

These fuse links are extensively used for distribution, control circuits & general applications. We offer superior quality Cylindrical Type Fuse Links, which are used within high power converters as fast protective devices against possible explosions, which might occur in the case of failures.

Medium Voltage Expulsion Fuse Links

Wide range of options available from 15kV to 72kV in ANSI T & K characteristics.
Extra rapid option also available.

Cooper Bussmann expulsion fuse links have been widely used throughout the world for over 40 years. They have in that time built up a formidable reputation and consistency of performance.

Cooper Bussmann expulsion fuse links are designed to be interchangeable with other types of manufacturers cut-out units Andrae available in several patterns.

Application :

Expulsion fuse links current ratings should be selected on the basis of maximum expected transient no damage currents rather than on full load current. In addition, the selection of higher current ratings will reduce the possibility of supply interruption due to transient surges such as those due to lightning strikes.

ASL - Automatic Sectionalising Links

Low cost retrofit option for spur line isolation in place of existing expulsion fuse links.
Available for up to 33kV lines.
Standard pick-up current ratings of 20, 25, 40, 50,63, 100 Amps.
Other ratings up to 320 Amps available.
Available in single or 3-phase ganged arrangements.
Enhanced lightning immunity performance.

Cooper Bussmann low cost retrofit Automatic Sectionalising Link (ASL), represents a significant breakthrough in the field of high voltage overhead line distribution system protection. It is a completely self-contained device designed for use with multi-shot circuit breakers or auto-reclosers. The ASL was originally developed by Cooper Bussmann from invention by the Electrical Council Research Centre, now EA technology in the UK.

Application :

Automatic sectionalizing link application refers to the process of using advanced technologies and systems to automatically sectionalize or isolate sections of an electrical distribution network in the event of a fault or disturbance. The sectionalizing link is a device installed on distribution power lines that can be remotely operated to open or close the circuit.

Boric Acid Fuse Links

Expulsion style fuse link complete with a single-pole porcelain fuse mount.
Available from 17kV to 38kV, 3 to 200A.
Can be used indoors and outdoors.
ANSI C.37 and Australian standard AS1033.

Cooper Bussmann BBU medium voltage Boric Acid fuse link and complementary fuse mount or cut-out package is an expulsion fuse link style fuse, complete with a single-pole porcelain fuse mount offering medium voltage protection for indoor and outdoor applications.

Boric Acid fuse link employs calibrated silver elements combined with boric acid crystals for its interruption media. The mechanical utilisation of the spring and rod mechanism creates an interruption technique that offers mild exhaustion during fault interruption.

Boric Acid fuse links are ideally suited to provide distribution transformer protection within electrical distribution networks.

Application :

The BBU Boric acid fuse provides effective protection for circuits and equipment which operate on voltage system up to 34.5kV. They can be used on industrial distribution systems and all fuses are designed for use on the following :

  • Power transformers
  • Feeder circuits
  • Distribution transformers
  • Metal-enclosed switchgear
  • Pad mount switches